Happy Friday!  I got really good feedback on this new section and some requests for dressers and credenzas so I scouted for a few. Hope you enjoy this week's edition of Coming in Hot: Craigslist Finds!



Starting a new section of my blog called COMING IN HOT where I will present a weekly (and I say that loosely) roundup of the some of the best finds on los angeles' craigslist and other interweb finds for your home and everyday life.
Our house cannot hold anymore furniture so someone please buy these and let me know so I can live vicariously through you!  Hope you enjoy!





A few years ago, Danny and I embarked on what we affectionately called, "Project Bookshelf". We hand drew and rendered 3D sketches, bought materials, and began execution. Well... it didn't work out as planned.  


Danny and I are both design-oriented and pretty handy, but we are neither engineers nor physicists. On paper, we had created something very pretty, but it lacked the structural security necessary to stand. We quickly realized that our perfect-DIY-corner-mid-century-inspired bookshelf would not become a reality.

A bit discouraged, we put the project on hold, and 2 years later, we've found ourselves with the same disposable Ikea bookshelves that we purchased almost 5 years ago to flank a faux fireplace in our former Koreatown apartment. With the recent event of becoming husband and wife, I think it's time we have some real, adult bookshelves, damnit! I suppose we do have a lot more time to focus on other things now that the wedding planning is over.

So, it's back to the drawing board, and I'm currently gathering inspiration for the next idea.

I love the idea of floating shelves. They are so clean and minimalist. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and don't have the freedom to make holes as we please. These might have to be placed on the back burner until we buy that real, adult home.
(Also... I missed the chance to buy one of those adorable wooden birds by Danish designer, Kristian Vedel, on our recent vacation to Copenhagen (more on that later) at the Danish Design Museum, and I'm kicking myself over it. Sure, I can get it here, but it won't have the same nostalgia later. Luckily, we got the Eames House Bird as a wedding gift... whew!)

Floating corner shelves would be cool, too. We have the perfect corners for them.

So, for a less-messy-when-we-move-out, money-saving route, bookcases it will have to be. This also allows freedom to rearrange and move our furniture around later!

source unknown

source unknown

Feeling this minimal mid-century inspired shelf!

And WHAA!! Such a fun Ikea hack of their Expedit line! Danny and I have a source for cheap spindle legs and discovered how easy it is to switch out the ugly block legs with them. You can also stain them whatever color you wish! This could be a winner, but since we are trying to break up with Ikea furniture, let's see what else we might come up with! Stay tuned!