Okay, okay. We all know cauliflower has been a thing for a minute and so has had cauliflower fried rice.. but have you tried it with miso? We have been obsessed with Red Shell’s Miso Dressing and have been looking for excuses to add it to just about anything I can.

In an effort to eat less grains, I thew together this simple dinner that only packed a lot of flavor and protein but it’s also low carb and very filing and is great for dinner and left overs for lunch the next day. I thew in my favorite mix of vegetables and adding a little miso and this easily became one of my favorites dishes.

What you'll Need:
Head of Riced Cauliflower
1lb Ground Turkey
1/2 Red Onion - sliced
4-5 Mini Bell Peppers -sliced
1 Zucchini - sliced
Hand Full Broccolini - chopped (Florets will work, too)
1 Jalapeño - chopped (optional)
2 Eggs - whipped
2-3 tbs Red Shell Miso Dressing
2 tbs Olive Oil - separated (or sesame/coconut oil)

What To Do:
Heat a 1tbs olive oil over med-high in skillet until hot and then add ground turkey. Cook until browned but not fully cooked. Remove and set aside in a bowl. Remove any excess water and fat in pan.


Add a bit more olive oil and heat until slightly smoking.
Add in sliced onion and a pinch of salt and stir and let cook sweating.
(I prefer sliced over diced with red onion - the longer strips give such good flavor.)

Add in additional vegetables in order of: peppers, zucchini, broccolini, jalapeño. Add a little salt and give everything a quick stir before adding in the next one.
Sautée until veggies are semi soft.


Add in cauliflower and mix together.


Continue to cook on med-high stirring occasionally until veggies are browning.

Whip eggs and add in. Stir until cooked.


Then finally, add in miso dressing and stir until well combined.


Allow everything to continue browning until desired .
Garnish with sliced scallion and enjoy!


For left overs this can be combined with sautéed spinach and an additional fried egg on top!

Serves: 6

Per Serving -
Calories: 245
Carbs: 12g
Fat: 14g
Protein: 19g





Went to Lake Tahoe for a few days for work and sometimes there are no words so this is the first post to the photo journal category. Enjoy!





A few weeks back I left the soggy lands of Portland to travel to red plains of Phoenix, AZ for a few days for work. Though my time there was primarily spent working, I did manage to take a day to do a little exploring and R&R.

Knowing little about Phoenix and being solo, I wanted to do something on foot that wouldn’t just involve going out to eat only. Being a big admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright, I was very excited to remember that he had designed a building at ASU’s campus in Tempe, which was only a thirty minute light rail ride from my hotel.

From photos I have seen I knew what I was looking for, but when I finally came across it while walking the campus it was nothing like I had ever seen before, even for FLW. It looked like a giant copper cake from mars! Adorned with beautiful scalloped edges and layers, it glowed in the early desert sun. The doors were locked so I couldn’t venture in, but I could only imagine the burnt orange carpet that ran through it.


Another favorite was the H.B. Farmer Education Building. Again with the monotone burnt orange edges with the softness of the globe light and and pops of greenery. This building was definitely a blast from the past that hopefully never gets a modern renovation. As I left the campus I wondered if the students appreciated the architecture and it’s history. Probably not. But hopefully one day some will.


Since I was going to be in town for four nights I wanted to stay at a hotel that was a little outside of the general Downtown area and that stayed more alive post business hours. I booked my stay at the Found:Re, a boutique hotel in the Arts District. The layout and decor of the rooms reminded me a lot of the Ace DTLA with it’s floating bed and interactive shower.
My room had a nice view of the street and some restaurants so even though I could be up in my room binging on HGTV I didn’t feel isolated.


After my walk through ASU did a little self-care poolside with a vibrant cocktail. I actually cannot remember the last time I actually laid out and did nothing by a pool. And I forgot how relaxing it was. Must do again soon!


Being my last night there and making the most of my one day off like a vacation, I took myself out to dinner (rather than ordering room service) down to the hotel’s restaurant Match. So I confidently ordered myself the ribs and enjoyed a night out solo - something I do not do often. Best part, no one talked to me. Maybe it was the ribs. Either way, it was just how I wanted my evening to go.


Though Phoenix is still not on my top 10 destinations to visit, I was pleasantly surprised with what it had to offer during my short and busy stay. Until next time…

Also tbh, I meant to post this weeks ago but life. Enjoy!