This past weekend, eight of my best girlfriends (including my good friend, Kirstin, who came all the way from Chicago!) and I headed northeast from LA to Idyllwild for my Bachelorette - aka Cinco de Andi - aka Andi almost-Askar. I never gave much thought to my bachelorette or had expectations, but this weekend proved to be more than I could have dreamt it would be. 

We rented a Geodesic Dome atop a cliff with 2 hot tubs, fire-pits, trails, and a 360° view of Idyllwild. The weather was in the high 70s, clear-ish skies, and luckily, my gorgeous friend, Miriam Brummel (also our engagement/future wedding photographer) came packing and captured the weekend! Putting on the ridiculous shirt and sash was such a surreal moment and it hit me that I was really getting married soon! 

We bbq'd, jacuzzied, and popped one-too-many bottles of champagne. It was glorious. The girls even surprised me with a new purse from my favorite store, Madewell, monogrammed with my future initials.  

Unfortunately, the dome had issues that were unrepairable, but wow, did it work in our favor. We got moved to the raddest lodge, and the party re-started. Since I don't love being the center of attention, we all dressed in white and took the town by storm. We never got a full group photo but I guess that means we were having too much fun.

Weather predicted snow on Sunday (which is nuts for May) but we had no idea that we would wake up to a winter wonderland! It felt like Christmas! It was truly unbelievable.

It was the best weekend ever. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful girlfriends who love and support me. I couldn't have asked for more.  XO.

Thank you for your photography, Even Keel Imagery, and for keeping me pretty, Lauren Burt.