Yes, it's the vacation before the big enchilada, aka The Honeymoon, aka in our terms: HANIMOON.

Danny & I must have had a brain lapse and decided on having two weddings. So, to make up for our insanity: we took two honeymoons. The day after our official nuptials, we jet-setted up north to a small area of Washington known as Fall City.

Why here, you ask? 
For my birthday a few years back, we took a PNW tour starting in Vancouver, BC down to Portland, Oregon. While driving through Washington taking our Twin Peaks fanatics tour, we stayed in Fall City near Snoqualmie. This area is lush, filled with hiking trails, and is somewhat mysterious (we see the appeal, David Lynch). I recommend everyone visit, if not stay, here at least once. You'll want to go back (as we did)!

Our first night we stayed at The Fall City Roadhouse. Yes, it's the actual Roadhouse from Twin Peaks, but it's not a bar or music venue. The Roadhouse is a small, sweet, cozy and very comfortable home-like-hotel with a fantastic restaurant, and it has the nostalgic road sounds that you hear as the flatbed trucks filled with tree trunks drive by (it really happens there). Did I mention the food is really good? Their Goat Cheese & Garden scramble is my favorite breakfast to-date and they make a killer Bloody Mary (it's as big as your head!). Stay here. Eat here. You won't be disappointed - and take some "Ugly Biscuits" back home for the family.

The next day, we did a little exploring and site-seeing over at Snoqualmie Falls. You might recognize this place. Hint: Insert Twin Peaks theme song. This is a must see in the area! The impressive falls are so loud and beautiful at all times of the year with various view points and trails to check out. Caution: you might get a little wet in the winter months if you stand too close! Sitting to the left of the falls is the Salish Hotel (aka The Great Northern). Although the interior is nothing like the interior from the show, you'll want to stop inside for a drink and/or a bite at The Attic. Danny and I love this place - so much so that we ate here three times during our short trip. Pro Tip: Put your name in and wait for one of the tables against the windows looking over the falls. And, you MUST order the ribs and a cherry pie! You can thank me later.

On the roads between the Fall City and Snoqualmie, we stopped at some cute road-side vendors, where we picked up some fresh local cherries, and (since I had to leave my beautiful wedding bouquet behind) Danny bought me some new flowers for our room.

That evening, we checked into the highly-anticipated TreeHouse Point bed & breakfast. This place is amazing, and even better IRL. Tucked away off the main road sits six individual, unique and private tree houses. Luck would have it they had two nights available in their Bonbibi tree house right when we wanted to go. Bird, their chef, takes the time to know your food preferences and makes a killer breakfast while Damon, the manager, meets and greets all the guests. We made friends with one of our neighbors and bonded over beers while wading in their private river. Later, we grabbed drinks and bites at Fall City's kitschy, overly-decorated, knick-knack-heavy dive bar, The Last Frontier (they make pretty decent salads and jalapeño poppers). We ended up spending a lot of our time with them. It was awesome. 

Ronette's Bridge!

Ronette's Bridge!

When outside the TreeHouse (and not eating at the Attic), we got in some good hiking. This area has so many great trails for all levels. We, of course, rose to the challenge and hiked Rattlesnake Ridge, which was totally worth it for the view. I mean, come on, look at that. The hike took a few hours but there were plenty of cute dogs and chipmunks to gawk at. On our last day, right before we took off back to Los Angeles, we hiked Twin Falls early in the morning before the crowds showed up. An adventure pass is required for this hike, but can be bought on-site at a kiosk. Highly recommend. 


We love you, Washington. We'll be back (again). 

Where to Stay...

Fall City Roadhouse
TreeHouse Point
The Salish Lodge

Where to eat...

Fall City Roadhouse
The Attic at Salish
The Last Frontier Saloon

What to see...

Snoqualmie Falls
Rattlesnake Ridge
Twin Falls
Twedes Cafe (The RR in Twin Peaks - I recommend just to look, not to eat.)