We had a baby and his name is Steve!

Danny and I have always wanted a dog but it wasn't until a few years ago that we decided we wanted a Pomeranian. Story goes that we were at party a few years ago and we met the most friendly Pomeranian named Kevin, and then a few months later, another one named Samson. We were sold. But time flew, we moved a few times, and started watching our neighbor's dog, Marcel a lot. Later, we got engaged, had a puppy fund on our wedding registry, and then decided to pull the trigger shortly after we got married.

We searched for a long time to find our perfect match, but as luck had it, we finally found him. We contacted the seller and found out that she was not a breeder, but her two dogs had puppies. Exactly what we wanted.
On a Sunday afternoon, Danny and I headed to Temecula, CA to meet a few little fur balls.  It wasn't hard to figure out which pup was the one for us. Unfortunately, he was only six weeks old, so we were told we would have to wait two weeks before we could take him home.

Longest two weeks of our lives.

But, now he's here. We named him Steve. And he couldn't be more of perfect little Pom for us. He is a baby and he brings challenges but we are learning more patience, working together, and giving this little dude more love than he could've ever imagined.

Oh, and he has an Instagram @stevethepomeranian. You should follow him. Really. He's going places.